Tuesday, March 3, 2009

5 Ways to Cut Back on Saturated Fat

Here are some great tips from eatbetteramerica.com

The American Heart Association recommends that we limit saturated fat—to about 7% of calories. Here’s how to reduce sat fat in your diet:

1. Healthy Heart - Eating less saturated fat (from meats and high fat dairy foods) is a key step you can take to help lower blood cholesterol for heart health.

2. Sat Fat Sense - To reduce the saturated fat in your diet, think "liquid": use oils instead of solid fats like butter or shortening.

3. Focus on Fats - Canola, soybean and olive oils are good fats to use for stir-frying, cooking and some baking because they have less sat fat than many other options.

4. Up with Unsat Fat - Replacing saturated fats with unsaturated fats from olives, nuts and avocados may help lower blood cholesterol. But fats are high in calories so keep portions small.

5. Down-Size - Cut meat amounts in chilis and casseroles in half to cut down on saturated fat which can raise blood cholesterol. Add beans for extra protein and fiber instead. Or, go meatless a few times each week.