Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My WW@W may be ending.

This week our Weight Watchers at Work was cancelled. The problem is that we have been too successful. We need 15 paying members to begin a new session and we only have 12 right now, including me. Nearly 10 of our members are lifetime and do not pay for Weight Watchers anymore. They have achieved their weight loss goals and many have lost over 50 pounds on the program. I was about a half pound away at our last meeting and well on my way to lifetime, but without the at work program I don't think I can continue. I am a creature of convenience.

I will still work the program on my own maybe sign up for e-tools or the Anne Collins program. I will continue to do my daily workout on my Tony Little Gazelle Sprintmaster and watch what I eat. It just won't be the same without our meetings at work.


Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Tomorrow's another day

Well, I gained about half a pound this week. No big surprise as I was traveling and eating out for a few days. Free food always makes me fat. Today I am supposed to go out for lunch to a nice Mexican restaurant to celebrate my anniversary with my company. This is going to be another challenge. I'm sooooo close to goal.... gotta stay strong, make healthy choices and move more.


Monday, October 8, 2007

Did I blow it on my trip?

Well, I just returned back from an extended weekend away at a conference in Washington, DC. It is so challenging to stick to a diet while traveling and this is my third trip since the summer. As you know, conferences are generally full of free food and this one also included a banquet. We also took a side trip to a restaurant in the area that a friend had opened recently. It was the best Italian food I've ever had and our friend also let us sample many of the desserts...mmmmmm. I'm not that certain that I will be hitting goal this week, but I'll keep my fingers crossed.


Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Soooooo close to my goal

Well, I have been doing Weight Watchers for over six months now and I'm about a pound away from reaching my goal. I am still only losing less than a pound a week so it is slow going. I'm sure I probably could have lost the weight faster if I had really jummped on the fitness bandwagon, but I just steadily do my 15-30 minutes per day on my Gazelle Sprintmaster glider.

I do what I can stick with consistently so I don't burn out and give up. While in England, I went to the hotel fitness center once and it just wasn't me. I barely stayed in there 20 minutes. Too much like work... Walking or doing the Gazelle is a slower way to weight loss, but as long as I am burning the excess calories, its fine with me and far more enjoyable. Besides, I've always hated gym class and gyms.