Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I lost nearly four and a half pounds this week!!!

When I weighed in at my weekly Weight Watchers meeting yesterday, I found that I had lost 4.4 pounds. Woooooohoooooo!!! That was a huge amount for me to lose in one week. I felt I was down for the week, but didn't think it added up to that much. After all, I had eaten at Chili's Saturday. (BTW - I just found out their chicken cobb salad has 28 points!! That's twice as much as my naughty little margarita chicken. Beware of wolves in sheep's clothing.)

Generally, I have been taking of less than a pound a week and they say tht most people lose one to two pounds per week. It just seems that it is coming off slower for me.

I am now within ten pounds of reaching my goal weight and if I maintain that for six weeks, I will become a lifetime member of Weight Watchers. Lifetime members get to go to meetings for free. That would be so great.

.... Must deflate spare tire.... :-)